Since retired their free XML Data Feed, we have evaluated several alternatives to continue getting and displaying weather information in a website.

We have included in our research even the paid services from, but at prices over $200.00 USD per month, for 5 days forecasts, they quickly got out the viable solutions.

Finally, we opted for the free service of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute that provides 9 days forecasts.

Because of the good acceptance of TWC4J, we chose to make it completely independent of Joomla, although it can be used in Joomla, now it can be used in most of the major CMS (like Drupal and WordPress).

We renamed the project as FweatherF and made an independent site for it at

If you had an active subcription on October 2011, then you are entitled for a free license.

Discount for members with other subscriptions may be available. Check your discount in while in the checkout process.
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Joomla! Extension - The Weather Component for JoomlaHere’s how to automatically boost your visitors loyalty. 38+ Million searches in Google for weather related keywords in September 2008, can help you to figure out how your desperate users go looking for this information. Use "The Weather Component for Joomla! 1.5", to dynamically provide the valuable information your users are already looking for.

With the new SEO tools included in the component, take advantage of the XML weather feed information available from TWC4J runs natively in Joomla! 1.5 and is by far, the best weather solution for joomla.

Our Joomla! 1.5 Weather Component

Fact: Google's Top-10 SEO power out-of-the-box

Although we focus our efforts on development, the SEO tools provided with the component are powerful enough to rank our demo site 8th in Google and 29th of 1,430,000 in Yahoo! for keyword "mexicali weather" without any modifications to the default configuration(3).
{slimbox images/stories/Joomla/components/google-top-10-mexicali-weather.png, images/stories/Joomla/components/google_mexicali_weather_thumb.png, 8th in Google for mexicali weather keyword; images/stories/Joomla/components/yahoo_mexicali_weather.png, images/stories/Joomla/components/yahoo_mexicali_weather_thumb.png, 29th of 1430000 in Yahoo for mexicali weather keyword}

Our Joomla Weather Component's Features

  • SEO tools to help you to boost your weather pages' ranking in Search Engines. New!
  • Displays weather information from a XML Feed provided by
  • More than 38,000 worldwide locations.
  • Visitors and Users can set their own preferred city.
  • Measurement system - users can change from ºF to ºC (or viceversa) with a click.
  • Template's system. Enabling you to easily edit the HTML code to fit your requirements.
  • Iconset's system that allows you easily select your preferred icons.
  • Direct access to locations' weather. Just add &ds=XXXX9999 code, to the weather URL.
  • Return to default location by URL. Add &ds=default to the weather URL.
  • Multi-Language Support that works with JoomFish.
  • Focused in easy-to-translate. This version includes many more translation-capable texts.
  • Automatically generates custom made translation files required to display the locations into your own language. You still must manually translate the texts.
  • Proxy Support with Proxy Authentication.

New Features

Rock-solid operation that will work even in Free Hosting(1).

  • Clear forecasts cache directly from the component's backend.
  • 10 days forecast supported(2).
  • Works even without PartnerID nor Key(2).


Amaze yourself with the professional appearance that this component displays by default, and with the very complete set of weather data available for your users  Please, visit our demo site and see: working in FREE hostingweather with white background, weather with dark background and module. In our weather demo site you can see the: Mexicali weather, Paris weather, New York weather, and many more

As a visitor, you can use the one of the newest standard features to customize the location which weather is displayed, as well as change the measurement system with the power of a single click.

Front-end look can be easily changed though a new template's system.

{slimbox images/stories/Products/tlaconais_grey_screenshot.png, images/stories/Products/tlaconais_grey_screenshot_thumb.png, Tlaconais-grey template; images/stories/Products/tlaconais_red_screenshot.png, images/stories/Products/tlaconais_red_screenshot_thumb.png, Tlaconais-red template; images/stories/Products/tlaconais_green_screenshot.png, images/stories/Products/tlaconais_green_screenshot_thumb.png, Tlaconais-green template; images/stories/Products/tlaconais_black_screenshot.png, images/stories/Products/tlaconais_black_screenshot_thumb.png, Tlaconais-black template; images/stories/Products/tlaconais_orange_screenshot.png, images/stories/Products/tlaconais_orange_screenshot_thumb.png, Tlaconais-orange template}

The back-end is quite simple and easy, see how it looks like in this screenshots:

{slimbox images/stories/Joomla/components/contries.png, images/stories/Joomla/components/contries_thumb.png, Back-end Countries admin; images/stories/Joomla/components/instlocation.png, images/stories/Joomla/components/instlocation_thumb.png, Back-end Location install}


You´ll be gladly surprised with the easy-to-handle of this component. Just get you license data from, install the component and the desired locations to display, and configure a few parameters to get a professional weather service in your website running in a few minutes!

To make it easier, when you purchase this component from us you can download an SQL script to fill your database with the 38,000+ worldwide locations available to this component.

Configuration Tips

Non-US address: Paradoxically, the hardest step is get the license data from  We receive many emails asking us how somebody with a non-US address can register to obtain a license. This is quite easy. The form has a field labeled "U.S. Zip Code or City Name", if you don't live in the U.S., then simply type in this field your city name and country.


Only for Joomla 1.5


.If some issue arises while you are installing, configuring or operating this extenision,  then post a detailed description of your issue in our support forum.

We are committed to helping you resolve it and we aim to reply within 48 hours of your post (except on weekends). If we haven't responded by then, feel free to post a reminder in the same thread or bug us via email.

Although you may modify this extension under the GNU/GPL license, support does not include:

  • PHP or any other server-side programming language training.
  • SQL or any other database language training.
  • Javascript or any other client-side programming language training.
  • CSS and XHTML training.
  • Alteration or modifications of our extension or any other products to meet a certain need


GNU / GPL - Free as in FreedomWe at ROALCANA understand and support the view of the Joomla's core team and release our joomla extensions under the GNU General Public License. We charge a fee for our joomla software because we spend a lot of time developing, providing support and updates to our customers and because the GNU / GPL allow us to sell our software.



Regular Price €119.99SALE Only €89.99
with Money Back Guarantee*


Download the weather component for joomla 1.5


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* Money Back Guarantee: Although we don't provide installation service, if you can't install the component in 1 (one) of your sites (commercially hosted) and you notify us within the first 7 days after your payment has been made, then we'll install it for you free of charge; if after 7 days of have received the required login info, we can't complete the installation, then we'll refund you 100% of your payment. This guaranty too applies if your country's weather can't be displayed (based on your payment address).

(1) Altough we make it work in a free hosting, for waranty is required that you have your site hosted in comercial server.

(2) Extremely Severe Warning: Misuse of this feature may violate the License Agreement of TWCi. Use it at YOUR OWN RISK. The availability of this feature is not waranteed and may stop working at any time.

(3) The dynamic nature of the search results may vary this information. We don't focus on SEO of our demo site nor monitor it's position in search engines.

Please read our Refund Policy in order to know the details of our Money Back Guarantee
Please read our Refund Policy
in order to know the details of our Money Back Guarantee

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