Featured Avatars for CB™ - Advanced Edition Joomla!™ Module

Web 2.0 Compliant Featured Avatars for Community Builder.

Fully Open Source.

It's OK to install in all your sites.

Up to 1 Year of Support & Updates for all your sites.

Money-Back Guarantee.

Does your Joomla! website enables users to upload an avatar? Then get rid of those ugly, old-fashioned, pure text user's lists and empower your web community with this amazing Web 2.0 tool. Web users register a name because it's mandatory to access some sites, but they upload an avatar because they want show off themselves to the website's community.

With a fancy Boubble Speech tooltip included, the user's avatars are displayed both thumbnail and original size. Our Fancy Avatars module, runs natively in Joomla! 2.5 and is by far, the best avatars gallery solution for joomla.

  • Customizable - Display avatars in a matrix of a custom number of rows and cols
  • Space Efficient - Adjust the thumbnail's size (height and width) and spacing
  • Community Builder Integrated - Each thumb avatar links to the user's Community Builder Profile.
  • Versatile - Display avatars from: New Users, Founder Users, Last Seen Users, Last Updated Profiles, Popular Users, Un-Popular users (to promote them), Random Selection, Currently On-Line Users or Staff Members.
  • Web 2.0 capabilities - On mouse over, each thumbnail opens a fancy balloon with user's name and it's original-size avatar.
  • 100% Open Source - Our PHP code and all the 3rd party code is Open Source.
  • Save Bandwidth - Dynamicaly generated Javascript is compressed on the fly.
  • Frame & Border - Now you can display the avatars with a fancy custom-color frame and border. You set the frame and border width and color.
  • Custom List - Specify which users will be shown in the module. Just enter a coma spearated list of user's IDs.
  • Disable tooltip - Because you're in complete control of the module, you can choose to display or not the fancy tooltip.

We have set up a demo site where you can try out the frontend behavior of this Joomla extension.

Visit Demo Website

Business Hours

9:00 - 19:00 (Mon - Fri)

Response Time

We aim to reply within 48 hrs. of your post (except on WKND & HOL)

Support Medium

Support is provided ONLY in our forums.Sorry, no email support!

What is NOT included?

Although you may modify this extension under the GNU/GPL license, support does not include:

  • PHP or any other server-side programming language training.
  • SQL or any other database language training.
  • Javascript or any other client-side programming language training.
  • CSS and XHTML training.
  • Alteration or modifications of our extension or any other products to meet a certain need

Didn't get answered?

If we haven't responded to your forum message within 48 hours, feel free to post a reminder in the same thread or bug us via email.

We at ROALCANA understand and support the view of the Joomla's core team and release our joomla extensions under the GNU General Public License. We charge a fee for some of our joomla software because we spend a lot of time developing, providing support and updates to our customers and because the GNU / GPL allow us to sell our software.

GNU / GPL - Free as in Freedom

Please read our Refund Policy in order to know the details of our Money Back Guarantee
The deal is simple: If we can't make our commercial extensions work in your website as described in our site and as shown in the demos, then you get your money back.

You are required to have an active subscription in order to download the current release of our commercial extensions for Joomla, download any updates released during your subscription period and to get access to our support forum.

Along with the software, you get ALL the GNU/GPL freedoms. So you're not required to have an active subscription to use our commercial Joomla extensions. Thus, if you don't need to download the software anymore, you don't want updates and you don't require support, you might cancel your subscription at any time.

You can choose the subscription length that best fits you. Sign-up fee (if applies) is charged only once, when you first subscribe to a product.

Duration 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Price €4.90 €9.90 €14.90
Sign-Up Fee €10.00 FREE FREE
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Please read our Refund Policy in order to know the details of our Money Back Guarantee
Please read our Refund Policy
in order to know the details of our Money Back Guarantee

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